My New Favorite Skin Care Line For Women Over 50

radical skin care

I am very lucky. Many companies are now reaching out to me to try their products in hopes that I will promote them. I have strict rules about this; I have to really love the product, believe in their brand and company values and they have to have good customer service.

Radical Skin Care contacted me and WOW! The company is owned by 2 women who’s mission is to help other women (just like me!). When I received the samples I got the most amazing letter from Rachel who took the time to review my social media and knew that I was going through breast cancer. She also shared a bit about some struggles she is going through. The letter meant a lot to me.

I’ve been using the samples for about 3 weeks now and my favorites are the hydrating cleanser and the CBD facial oil. The cleanser is so calming on my dry skin and I leave it on for a little facial mask boost.

Oh and I bought some of the age-defying restorative moisturizer to make sure the customer experience was good. I got my product in about 3 days!

Check them out here. If you do order using the link below I get a affiliate bonus.

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