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I help women over 50 get moving even as the aches and pains of age start to creep in with online workouts designed for just what we need; strength, low impact cardio, Pilates, balance, posture and more. What’s different is that these workouts will leave you feeling good not beat up (like you do after those workouts designed for 30 year olds). So you can “be healthy…enough” to do all the things you love to do in life!

After retiring from a 26 year career as an Engineering Program Manager, I carved out a space in my life to pursue a greater passion for helping others. I knew that it takes time and effort to be healthy without aggravating the aches and pains that naturally come with age, so I pursued extended education to focus specifically on my demographic. I expanded my background in Personal Training, Group Fitness and Integrative Nutrition certifications with courses in Menopause and Osteoporosis Fitness, Myofascial Release using the MELT Method, Corrective Exercise with The Biomechanics Method and courses in Senior and Midlife Fitness. Just recently I completed my Pelvis Pro Certification to help more women with the health of their pelvis area!

Along with filming new content for my digital fitness studio, I love spending time at home with my husband and 2 furry kids, sharing fun bits of knowledge with my community, and continually expanding how many women over 50 I help get moving and feeling better!

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She Means Fitness Business Podcast! Here is an interview I did with Debra Atkinson in May 2022 How to Be Healthy Enough, Profitable Enough and Successful Enough.

Bone Health And Osteoporosis Organization! I had the pleasure of speaking with Claire Gil the CEO of this amazing organization in October 2022 on setting up an exercise plan for healthy bones Ask the Expert – Creating an Exercise Plan for Healthy Bones


Table Rush Talk Show! Here is an interview I did with Mischa in April 2022 Interview with Mischa at Mind Body Soul Spring Launch

San Diego Voyager Magazine Here is an interview that was featured in their magazine Nov 2017 Meet Amy Van Liew of Be Healthy Enough in Escondido

Shoutout SoCAL Magazine Here is an interview that was featured in their magazine Nov 2020 Meet Amy VanLiew Fitness and Health Coach

GetSetUp Website I had the honor of being a guest speaker on their site in Dec 2021. Here is the blog post Guest Speaker: Being healthy (enough) over 50 with Amy Van Liew Here is the recorded presentation Being Healthy (Enough) Over 50

I was also honored to be featured and on the cover
of Mind Body Soul Magazine
Read the whole magazine here MIND | BODY | SOUL Spring 2022 Issue (PG 14-15)

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Exercise Online With Me

Work 1-1 with me