What’s In Your Peanut Butter?

If I was on a desert island and I could only bring one thing…it would be peanut butter.    It is my all time favorite food and I have some almost everyday.   I’ve tried the other popular nut butters; almond butter, sunflower butter, cashew butter and while I would not turn those away, my favorite is still the one made with peanuts.

I’m not alone, its taste and affordability have made peanut butter a staple in most American diets.   But have you ever looked at the ingredients in the “popular” brands?   Peanut butter, in its simplest form, can be created by throwing roasted peanuts into a food processor and blending until it turns into a thick, creamy texture. So in reality, it would be quite easy to make your own peanut butter and adding your own amounts of salt or flavors.

That’s not the case with some brands of peanut butter. Some brands add oils, salt, and sugars.   The makers of the reduced fat versions hope we only look at the front label.  Look at those ingredients:  corn syrup which can only be processed by our livers.   On top of that the oils that are added are hydrogenated oils which are the worse kind for long term health.   Take a look for yourself.

peanut butter

Which ingredients do you want in your body?   I know the truly natural versions separate and you have to stir them.   Just store them upside down for a few days, get out a big spoon or knife and get your arm workout in for the day.  Store it in the fridge for one of the best, healthy snacks you can have!

These are some of my favorite brands

Adam’s 100% Naturals

Smucker’s Natural 

Laura Scudder’s Old Fashioned

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