Healthy Shamrock Shake

The popular McDonalds Shamrock Shakes are back again! And although those mint milkshakes might taste good for the few minutes they last, even the smallest size shamrock milkshake is full of empty calories and sugar, chemicals, additives, and food dyes.

healthy shamrock shake

While I’ve always believed that indulging in unhealthy food every once in a while is fine, my “be healthy enough” philosophy is to try to find healthier options for those unhealthy things I’m craving

This easy recipe takes under five minutes to make, uses natural ingredients to get that classic green hue, and it has NO refined sugar whatsoever (unless you do add some ice cream).

Think of how much better you’ll feel after drinking this than that unhealthy green thing you get at the drive through (plus you won’t be tempted to get the fries too!)


1 cup milk of choice (I prefer almond milk)
1 frozen banana (make sure it’s ripe so you don’t get that unripe banana taste. The banana gives it the creaminess)
cacao nibs or dark chocolate chips, as desired
Small splash of pure peppermint extract (make sure it’s pure peppermint extract). Go light or it can become overpowering quickly
1 scoop protein powder, optional if you want a protein boost. I use this company to order my protein powder True Nutrition
1/4 cup frozen spinach (you won’t taste it and it will be green and full of nutrients)
A pinch of salt to bring out the flavor
Splurge and add a scoop of the best vanilla ice cream you can find!


Blend all ingredients in a blender until completely smooth. You can add the chocolate chips either before or after blending. Put in a really fun glass and enjoy!

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