HAPPY OVER 50: 9 Habits Happy Women Make Time For!

Many factors contribute to happiness and making time for even little changes in your habits can have a positive effect on how happy you are. Here are 9 habits HAPPY women over 50 make time for!

1. They don’t say ‘yes’ when they mean ‘no’!!


Over-committing to activities and demands only leads to exhaustion and quickly saps our joy. Learning to say no is a wise habit that reserves our capacity for things that matter most and bring the most happiness.

When someone asks you to do something, and your initial reaction is ugh, try saying no a few times. See if this helps bring you some happiness. (Unless it’s me telling you to press play in the Be Healthy Enough Digital Fitness Studio, of course!)

2. They keep a gratitude list!

gratitude list

It’s long been said that it’s not happy people who are grateful, but grateful people who are happy. Gratitude is one of the top factors leading to happiness. It’s a choice to see the good on a hard day, to look for beauty in the ordinary, and to find joy in small things. 

On your worst days, when you can’t think of anything to be thankful for, write down the basics, like “hot water,” “shelter,” or anything of the like. This is one of the quickest, most effective ways to shift me into a happy mood!

3. They are generous with compliments!


This will make my day, especially if it’s a random compliment from a woman I don’t know (men, your compliments are wonderful, just don’t make them creepy). 

Give it a try! If you admire someone’s dress, smile, hair, you name it, don’t be afraid to say so.  I bet you will make that person’s day!

4. They prioritize self care!

self care

Self-care includes taking care of yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally. This includes all of the habits I share in my FIT OVER 50 | 6 Habits Fit Women Make Time For and HEALTHY OVER 50 | 7 Habits Healthy Women Make Time For

Happy women know that the most important thing in life is their health—mental, physical and emotional. So, they invest in it, prioritizing their resources (time, money) and are a bit selfish at times to make sure they put themselves first.

5. They ask for help when they need it!!


This is something I’ve learned the hard way over the years.  I try so hard to be that strong, super woman that can do it all  “I don’t need help!” I often think to myself.

When I left my 26 year career at HP I was lost.  I fell into a bit of a depression because I had to shift my entire identity.  I am so grateful I found Dale Bach, a counselor who helped me dig deep and come out even better!   I owe my successful shift to this new career to her help, tools and guidance.  She is not the only therapist I’ve been to either.  When things get tough, talking with an unbiased person really helps.   I highly recommend it and most insurance companies will pay a portion of the costs.

6. They have a purpose!


Having a purpose in life is an important factor for happiness. Numerous studies I found show that people with a clear sense of purpose are more likely to grow old in a healthy way.  It’s what helps you get up in the morning, it’s what gets you excited to take on the day, it’s that thing you know you were meant to be doing.   

It can be difficult to find your purpose.  I found mine through reading Jack Canfield’s Success Principles, Getting from where you are to where you want to be.   My husband is out of town while I’m writing this blog and I thought this morning, “If I didn’t have my company, Be Healthy Enough, I don’t know what I’d be doing; watching TV all day?  I know deep down I’ve found my purpose and that makes me a very happy person!

7. They let go of grudges.!


Stewing over past hurts and offenses leads to bitterness and a victim mentality, which becomes a roadblock to happiness. Choosing to forgive brings peace and helps us use that energy to move forward positively.

8. They practice random acts of kindness.


Help a person in the grocery store grab that item on the top shelf (I get asked that a lot because I’m tall), say thank you, tip generously, send a nice note to someone you haven’t talked to in awhile… Doing something nice appears to be good for you. A whopping 94 percent of people say being kind without being asked boosts their mood. Experts call it the helper’s high—when endorphins flood the body from doing for others it can make us happy.

9. They practice self-acceptance!

self love 1

As a 59-year-old woman, I’m facing the challenges all aging women face – not only the physical challenges caused daily living, but emotional ones due to being that older person, aging parents and my own mortality. That said, I know that happy women are kind to themselves. They don’t give in to negative self-talk but instead embrace where they are at in their journey. They listen to their bodies and do what they can do, accepting that it may not be what they could do in their 30s!. They take advantage of their strengths and work to understand and improve their weaknesses.

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