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The BEST scales for Women Over 50

What get’s measured gets improved and if you’re a women over 50 you’ve got to measure your muscle mass. We start to lose it in our 40s and it’s a steady decline unless you do something about it; get enough protein (this link takes you to a video on how much protein you need), lift weights (this link will get you access to a FREE strength workout), get adequate sleep and hydration…but how do you know if what you’re doing is working? You measure it! Here are 2 scales I recommend to help.


I was sent this scale to try and if I liked it to recommend it to my following. I LOVE IT. It’s less expensive than the one I already had and just as accurate.

The setup is really easy too and the app is simple to use and navigate through.

Here is a video on Youtube that describes it a bit more. The BEST Scale For Women Over 50

Use the code BEHEALTHYENOUGH for 20% off. NOTE the place to enter this discount code isn’t until the checkout page.


This is the scale I bought several years ago and have been using to track my weight, body fat and muscle. It is more expensive and I haven’t seen much different in the accuracy.

I got mine off amazon and I do not have a discount code….yet!

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