When Is It Time to Ask For Help?

Today there’s no shortage of free workouts and fitness tips on the internet and social media, which is great — but sometimes it’s more overwhelming than helpful.

Figuring out which workout plans to follow, what actually works for your goals and fitness level, what kind of exercise equipment you need, and if you can even stick to the workout plan is a daunting task. If you can relate to this last point, asking for help may be the solution you need.

Asking for help can be difficult. It may make you feel like a failure that you couldn’t do it yourself. Or hiring a personal trainer can often be a big financial commitment. But it can be well worth your time, even if you are only able to work with one on a short-term basis. Getting someone that knows this stuff, who can create a custom plan just for you, and provide invaluable support and accountability in your health and fitness challenges may be worth every penny.

If you identify with any one of the four statements below, it might be a good time for you to hire a trainer.

1. The whole fitness thing overwhelms you.

Maybe you lost your familiar group class, you’ve taken a long break or you know it is now time to start doing something from home. Either way, the choices you have today in the online fitness world can be overwhelming and where do you start?

When you first start working with a personal trainer, they’ll often begin your session with a fitness assessment. This tells the trainer what you can improve on, where your strengths and weaknesses are when it comes to fitness, and you’ll discuss your goals. You can then work with a trainer for a short time to get you started, or sustain a longer-term relationship if you need more accountability and support.

Client Testimonial Time!!!

“Amy tailored my routine based on listening to my goals, motivations and constraints She pushed me but with a keen sensitivity and awareness so I didn’t get hurt   Amy is very personable, passionate, organized and keep things interesting by changing up the routines so they don’t become “routine”. – Mike

2.  You aren’t seeing the results you want

This is likely the most common reason people hire a personal trainer. Perhaps you have a regimen that you have been doing for a long time. You got great results for the first few months, but now you’ve hit a plateau or even regressed. You may be getting a little bored mentally and your body is bored physically. It’s time to change it up!

Through smart programming, a trainer can create a personalized and progressive regimen based on your goals.

Speaking of goals, working with a trainer enhances focus. A trainer can help you establish realistic goals and a plan of action to achieve them. Sometimes it takes someone else telling you that you can actually do more than you thought you could.  A personal trainer can provide that extra push to help you realize your own potential.

3.   You have watched the YouTube video at least five times, but you just can’t seem to get the hang of a certain exercise.

Perhaps your knees ache when you squat or you can’t quite figure out how do X move. All of us can benefit from the watchful eye of a trainer. Proper technique prevents injury and increases the effectiveness of the exercise. A personal trainer can help you find the variation of a given exercise that is best for you in order to keep you safe and injury-free. If you have special considerations such as an injury or chronic illness, make sure to provide these details so your trainer can create a program with specific modifications to suit your needs.

4. You need accountability

If you struggle with accountability when it comes to working out, there’s nothing like paying someone by the hour (who probably still charges if you don’t show up) to make you stick to a commitment. Sometimes you really need that external layer of accountability to help you stick to your workouts, which is why finding a personal trainer can be really helpful.
Working with a personal trainer these days looks very different than it did just a few months ago. In person one on one sessions are very limited but this shouldn’t stop you. Hiring a virtual trainer gives you the opportunity to stay at home, work with someone that may be out of your location and it might even save you some money.
If you are ready, you can start by calling local gyms and fitness studios to inquire about trainers and rates. The average cost for a personal trainer is $40 to $100 an hour, but this can vary greatly depending on where you live and how experienced the trainer is.
I’m here to help too!   I’m not doing any in person personal training but I am online!   If you’d like to schedule a FREE 30 Minute session just click the link below.


Finally, if you’re worried about the expense of hiring a trainer, this is why I created the Be Healthy Enough Online Exercise Platform.

With your paid membership you get:
  1. Access to the same fitness assessment I use with my one on one clients.
  2. Custom designed workout calendars
  3. VIP Members Only Facebook Group
  4. An online workout library filled with the types of exercises we 50+ year olds need.
    • Strength training – which is a MUST as we age.
    • Cardio – but not the joint jarring cardio of the other workouts
    • Flexibility – my relax and restore videos are just what you need
Every level is welcome, I show you how to modify all of the exercises and show you how to push yourself when you are ready.

I also off a 7 DAY FREE TRIAL so you can check it out and make sure it’s right for you!

Oh and a yearly subscription is less than 2 personal training sessions!   

Oh and you get 10% off until the end of August 2020.  Just use the link below and the discount code SUMMER2020 at check out.

If you have any questions just let me know.


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