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The Number One Thing We MUST Improve as we AGE


Let’s FACE it, our world is filled with things conspiring to trip us. Uneven walkways, slippery floors, rocks we don’t see and that ever dreaded banana peel.  OK has anyone you know ever tripped on a banana peel?

Tripping is gonna happen.  What we have to fight against is FALLING.  Falling, especially as we get older can be traumatic.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

  • One in four Americans aged 65+ falls each year.
  • Every 11 seconds, an older adult is treated in the emergency room for a fall; every 19 minutes, an older adult dies from a fall.
  • Falls are the leading cause of fatal injury and the most common cause of nonfatal trauma-related hospital admissions among older adults.

I’m CONVINCED!   So what do we do?

EVERYDAY we need to do something to improve our balance.

If our balance is good, WHEN we trip we are better prepared to catch ourselves from falling.

Here are some SIMPLE things you can do EVERYDAY to IMPROVE YOUR BALANCE:

  • Stand on one foot while you are brushing your teeth, doing the dishes, standing in line at the store,….
  • If that’s easy try standing on one foot with your eyes closed!  (Don’t hold on)
  • Walk on the curb like you used to do as a kid.
  • Walk heel to toe across the room, if that’s easy try it backwards!
  • If those are easy trying standing on an unstable surface like a pillow OR some of these fun things you can get on Amazon (click the picture for my affiliate links)


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