You Can’t Exercise Away a Bad Diet!

The holidays are over and if you are like the average American you packed on 7-10 pounds.   This is GREAT for my business!  Come January, I get lots of people willing to pay the extra money so I can help then exercise those pesky pounds off.

We’re all friends so I am going to be super honest with you at the expense of my bottom line – Exercise is not the answer.

Don’t get me wrong EXERCISE is essential for bulletproofing your body against injury, improving how you look and helping with your overall quality of life.   Science has also shown that exercise can make significant improvements in preventing, managing, and reducing the symptoms of cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes, dementia, and some cancers.

The real answer to quickly dropping those holiday pounds is….you know it….


Have you ever said this to yourself “I can have this pint of ice cream tonight because I worked out for an hour today” or “Shoot, I have to work out tomorrow to burn off this pizza for dinner.”

The notion that you can simply exercise away an unhealthy diet is one that I am constantly battling.  Let me repeat: The average person cannot exercise enough to “zero out” a bad diet.

Many think that it’s all about calories in vs calories out.  Unfortunately, calories are not created equal.

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You’d never say the calories in spinach are the same as the ones in a pint of ice cream, right? The calories in spinach trigger different reactions in your body than whatever Rocky Road concoction you’re shoveling in by the spoonful.

What you eat signals hormones to store or burn fat.  Sugar and carbohydrates causes the release of the hormone insulin which allows your body to use its energy.  But like most people you don’t use up all that you consume and what isn’t used gets stored as fat.   Whereas foods such as spinach, proteins and healthy fats trigger other hormones like glucagon, insulin’s sister hormone, to release fat to burn for energy.

In order for you to lose weight you must shift your thinking of food as calories and start to think of it as fuel.

What is the BEST fuel to keep your body burning fat and building muscle NOT storing it as fat for later?

If your diet consists of lots of crap you can exercise all you want and still struggle to stay trim.

This January instead of setting a goal to exercise more PLEASE also set a goal to eat better.   I promise if you eat good food and minimize the junk you will lose those holiday pounds before you know it.

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