Two Simple Strategies to Look and Feel Fabulous Over 50

“I work out and eat right so why do I still have this layer of fat around my stomach?”

“What is up with this sagging under my arms – I’ve been exercising?”

“I really watch what I eat so why are my pants getting tighter?”

As a health and fitness coach, I get these types of questions all the time!  What puzzled me was that when I probed deeper into their questions I often discovered that they knew EXACTLY what to do; what to eat, how to exercise. They have cut back on all the “bad” foods, they have been to classes, they have had personal trainers;  so WHY do they not look, or feel, the way they want to?

It didn’t take much of my engineering problem solving background to realize that although they knew what to do they often lacked CONSISTENCY. It doesn’t matter if you have the best exercise program, the most popular diet, the magic supplement, if you aren’t consistent you will not see the improvements you are hoping for.

So if that is the case, what is the trick to being consistent? ACCOUNTABILITY!

“Accountability is the acknowledgment of responsibility for your actions with the obligation to report, explain, and be responsible for the resulting consequences.”

In other words, accountability keeps you consistent because you have to report back what you’re doing — or not doing.

If you really want to look and feel fabulous in 2015  here are 2 simple strategies.

 #1  Commit to goals THAT ARE realistic 

If you have a busy schedule don’t tell yourself that you will work out every day for 2 hours when you know it just won’t happen. If you need to lose 30 pounds don’t starve yourself trying to lose it all in a week.  This year before truly committing to a goal, ask yourself, “On a scale of 1-10, how confident am I that I could do this for the next 30 days?” If your gut reaction is anything other than “9″ or “10″, find a way to make that goal smaller or easier.

 #2  Be Accountable by Sharing your goals with at least one other person

Find a friend that has similar goals and setup a REGULAR time to walk together or go to the gym or better yet weigh in together.  I don’t know about you but if I have to get on a scale in front of someone I think differently about eating that extra helping of food!

Sign up and pay money for a fitness class or gym membership (I know one you might like 😁).   Putting money in the game motivates me.   

Hire a health and/or fitness coach.  People think health and fitness coaches are only for movie stars. Not true! Working with a coach is an affordable way to get fit, look great, and feel strong and energetic. A coach customizes an exercise routine for you, taking any physical issues into consideration. You don’t need to feel like you can’t keep up with a class, or fit in at the gym.

Look and Feel Fabulous this year.   Commit to realistic goals and make yourself accountable to at least one other person.

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