Ditch those Sugary Drinks

This week I challenge you to ditch those sugary drinks!   Not only are they empty calories they are loaded with sugar. Just one drink and you’re over your daily sugar limit.

Reminder; Men you should try to only get 9 teaspoons (36 grams) and women only 6 teaspoons (24 grams) per day.

You do the math on sugary drinks; one 12 oz. soda has 10 teaspoons, a 16 oz. Snapple 10.5, the “healthy” Vitamin Water has 8 teaspoons and a medium hazelnut Frappachino has over 15 teaspoons.

This week I challenge you to say “NO” to those sugary drinks and try one of the following instead:

  • Cucumber Water: Add cucumber slices to your water for a pleasing alternative to plain water. Tastes especially refreshing on a hot summer day.
  • Hot or Iced Green Tea: Drink green tea on its own or try a green tea variety blended with nettle and/or peppermint for extra antioxidant punch. If you want a small amount of sweetness, add a splash of 100% fruit juice or pureed fruit.
  • Sparkling Mineral water with a splash of 100% fruit juice: Add an antioxidant-rich juice, like tart cherry or pomegranate to plain or sparkling water.
  • Water with lemon: Lemon gives water a gentle flavor and may aid in digestion. You can also add a slice of lemon to unsweetened iced tea.
  • Ginger Soda.   Try this great recipe using ginger, seltzer, honey and lemon.   Recipe can be found under juices and teas in my recipe tab

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