Simple Steps to GET MOTIVATED to Exercise

Happy September!  I hope everyone had a great summer!  I sure did.  My husband and I just got back from the trip of a lifetime – a cruise to Alaska!  We were celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary.   The beauty of Alaska was indescribable, the downtime invaluable and the memories will be unforgettable.

While I was gone I got a few requests for a Personal Wellness Consultation.  All had a common theme that prompted me to write this article.   Here is a typical one:

“I am XX old (typically all over 50) and I just don’t feel good.  My energy is gone and the aches and pains of aging are starting to happen more often.  I know that I need to do x, y and z I just can’t get motivated.”

There was that word again, MOTIVATION; the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way.  The general desire or willingness of someone to do something.

I hear this all the time, “I’m just not motivated”, “I can’t seem to get motivated, “I’ve lost my motivation”.  It’s true, even the most motivated of us; you, me, Tony Robbins, can feel unmotivated at times.

But, as we get older it is more important than ever to BE HEALTHY ENOUGH.   It allows us to do all we want to in life; take a cruise to Alaska and enjoy a fun kayak excursion or just get up every morning feeling good with less pain.

Are you lacking the motivation to get moving?  Here’s what I do to get back on track:


When you set a goal, you make a decision to act in a way that will help you achieve what you want. Goals give you a direction to focus on.  Before my trip to Alaska I set a few concrete exercise and eating goals. While I was not perfect, it really helped me to keep moving and not go crazy with all the fabulous and tempting food they have.


If you tell someone, or even write down your goals, you’ve essentially made a promise to keep your word.   To my entire Facebook and email following I committed to getting 10K steps a day.  Just knowing that got me up and walking the deck while I so easily could have curled up on a lounge chair with my book.


Motivation is not a constant thing that is always there for you. It comes and goes, and comes and goes again, like the tide. But realize that while it may go away, it doesn’t do so permanently. It will come back. Just stick it out. That’s what I am doing.  We had some rough seas and even after being home for 2 days I still feel like my whole world is rocking and rolling.  Makes it hard to feel like exercising but I know it will pass.


I know it’s hard to accomplish something alone.   On the cruise I met an 83 year young man that was about to do his 3rd triathlon.  He was an inspiration and if he could go to the gym and even take a few of the exercise classes, so could I!  Wherever you are, find your support network, either in the real world or online, or both.

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