The One Thing you MUST do in 2016

The one thing you MUST do in 2016

The one thing I am begging all of you to do in 2016 is EXERCISE!!!   As a personal trainer and fitness coach (for over 2 years now) I have seen what happens if you don’t keep moving your body.  You gain weight, your body may ache more, you may lose muscle mass and/or bone density and worse yet you might not be able to do the things you love to do.  I’m not talking about running marathons or doing the latest CrossFit routines.  I’m talking about moving enough so your heart beats a little faster,  lifting some light weights to keep the muscles strong and stretching to keep you limber.  As the saying goes… if you don’t use it YOU WILL LOSE IT.

Instead of spouting off why the latest fitness websites suggest you should exercise here are real life stories from several of my clients to prove that it is a MUST in 2016!

Summer Sports, Hidden Meadows Resident, has been taking my evening classes since May of 2014.  She comes to class faithfully in between her travels to Hawaii, the East coast, the California coast, and fights the traffic to get here from either her teaching job or from leading a tour as a docent on the famous historical ships in the San Diego harbor!  Summer has told me that she loves it when we work out with the hand weights and I have been so proud of her for graduating to 5 pound weights this year!   Maybe 8 pounds next year?

“I am feeling stronger after doing weight training in Amy’s bi-weekly exercise classes.  I am able to lift sacks of birdseed in a single bound whereas I was asking for help in the past.  I also feel a lighter step as I go upstairs. My muscles do not ache after Amy’s classes, and yet I feel the work-outs target all different parts of my body.” –  Summer Sport

Pat Witman, Hidden Meadows Resident and a recent retiree from the San Diego Zoo, contacted me in May of this year to help her get back into exercise and eating healthy.   She signed up for my Premium Package because she was serious about making a change!    Pat now comes to my Monday morning cardio class, my Tuesday and Thursday morning strength training class AND my Wednesday evening class. That’s 4 days a week!   Pat always has a smile on her face no matter what I ask her to do and a fun story from her past at the zoo, her love of gardening and her adorable granddaughter.

“I exercise so that I will be stronger so that I can continue doing all the activities I love, such as gardening, birding, traveling and playing with my granddaughter, Ruby.  As a result of exercising for an hour 4 days a week, I have more energy and can say yes to all my retirement opportunities.  And my clothes fit better. Bottom line is I feel better and am getting more out of life.” – Pat Witman

Mindy Gurrera, Former Hidden Meadows Resident, now living in San Marcos has been exercising with me since March of 2015.  I met Mindy while taking a yoga class from Madhu (wonderful yoga teacher right here in Hidden Meadows).  Mindy was looking for ways to get strong and healthier.  The timing of my group classes didn’t fit her schedule so Mindy joined my one-on-one sessions with Gail Gerbie.  This not only brought the cost down for both of them it also added a bit more accountability.  Gail has told me many times that knowing Mindy was going to be there kept her from canceling even though she wanted to stay curled up in bed! Mindy hurt her knee but she faithfully kept coming and did the modifications I suggested.  Just last week she had knee surgery and is recovering nicely.  In October we added another person to our bi-weekly exercise classes and sometimes my stomach hurts from laughing at all of their stories.   I can’t wait for all 4 of us to be back together as soon as Mindy is better.

“In my journey to get healthier, I have been lucky enough to meet Amy. We talked of my goals, did measurements (yuk) and put together a plan. In order to succeed I joined a friend 2 days a week. I had a setback early on but with Amy’s help to modify our routine & the accountability with my partner I have seen a lot of success. I’m down about 20 lbs and motivated to continue.  There is no doubt the work we have done has facilitated my recuperation from surgery.” – Mindy Gurrera

If any of these stories have inspired you to get back into exercising give me a call or email me for help or guidance.  I now have 5 group classes available, slots open for personal training and can also suggest other ways to fit exercise into or back into your life.

Wishing you all a HAPPY and HEALTHY 2016

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