Black Friday Deals to help you BE HEALTHY ENOUGH this year.

Black Friday is the perfect time to grab a deal on some of my favorite things to help you Be Healthy Enough all year. Here is a list of the ones I found for health and fitness deals for Black Friday 2022.

Sleep like a dog!

Black Friday Deal on CBD Gummies

Do you have trouble sleeping? Although there are still some days I struggle, I found a product that’s really helping! Joy Organics CBD Gummies! (No we did not give Whiskey, my dog in the background, a gummy!!)

I have been wanting to try CBD but there were so many products out there and I couldn’t trust if they had what they claimed so I did my research and found this company.

My husband and I have been using these for over a month and really notice a difference. AND they’re having a Black Friday Sale until Nov 28th – 30% off. The code is GET30

If you’d like to learn more here is an article I found HERE

Indoor bikes are great!

Black Friday Deal on Fitness equipment

There are days when you can’t get out and walk or your knees are achy or your feet or…you pick. That’s why I love having an exercise bike. Here is a great black Friday deals on exercise equipment.

The one I have is 26% off! It’s a great deal for a simple, easy to use and move around indoor bike.

The next one is 33% off (save $400). It’s much more expensive than the one I have but it looks to have a lot more functionality.

If you’d like to try my online bike workouts check them out HERE

What gets measured, gets improved!

black friday deal on fitness equipment

What gets measured gets improved and I LOVE my Fitbit.

I wear a Fitbit Luxe but I saw that this one was 80% off! It is a bit bigger but has many more features.

I’ll share a link to the Fitbit Luxe I use. It’s smaller and I’ve found some fun bands to dress it up.

I wrote a blog a long time ago about the benefits of measuring your steps. You can check it out HERE

I also wrote a blog on the WHY you should start a walking program today. Check that out HERE

Get more cush for your tush!

Exercise mat black friday deal

Yoga mats are nice so you don’t slip but for Pilates and Strength workouts you really want some padding and I love this mat I found on Amazon. I have almost all of the colors now!

This one I found is 1/2″ thick and comes in some fun colors and it’s 58% off for Black Friday. You’d could pick up 2!

A blast from the past!

Exercise equipment deal for black friday

Remember Step Aerobics? Great way to get a fun workout. I have 2 on the Be Healthy Enough Digital Fitness Studio 30 Minute Step HIIT or 30 Minute Step Cardio

I also use the step in my strength workouts to improve walking Full Body Strength to Improve Walking Level 1, Full Body Strength to Improve Walking Level 2 and Full Body Strength to Improve Walking Level 3

I don’t have this step but WOW I might get another one because it’s such a great deal

Crowd In the good stuff

kitchen appliance black friday

A smoothie is one of the best ways to “crowd in” a bunch of really good stuff.

My basic recipe is water, a handful of greens, some healthy fats (nut butter, greek yogurt, avocado), some berries for sweetness and I add in some of my favorite protein powder

I have a Vitamix but I didn’t see any deals…yet. These are amazing but can be expensive

The Nutribullet is on sale and I love that they have the combo so you make personalized smoothies in their own container.

Recovery days are key

massage gun deal for black friday

Recovery Days are just as important as exercise days and I love my percussive massage gun.

I’d love to have the time and money to get a massage every week but with this I don’t need it. It really helps me with recovery and any of those over 50 ache or pain my husband and I are dealing with. The one in the picture is no longer available but I found another with good review and similar features

Here is a blog I did on the benefits of recovery days HERE

The one I have is not on sale but this one is.

Give the gift of fitness

Know someone who would love a membership to the Be Healthy Enough Digital Fitness Studio? I have gift cards!

Don’t miss out on my Black Friday Deal

Don’t forget to check out my Black Friday 2022 Deal and grab a yearly membership to the Be Healthy Enough Digital Fitness Studio at my 2020 Membership prices. Hurry this goes away at midnight on November 28th.

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